About us

Gifterso is a production company providing customized promotional gadgets suitable for advertising and image campaigns in B2B sector. Since 2007, we have been supporting our customers in selecting the best promotional products and printing techniques. We have been sparring no effort to supply products that best suit your individual needs. During the past years we gained trust of more than 10 000 customers, for whom we produced promotional gadgets that can be counted in hundreds of millions. Our products encircle the globe in planes and ships, they travel be trains and can be found in many homes. Perhaps you don’t even realize that the pen you’re writing with or the mug you’re holding come from us. We are proud to be a part of European TRUST Program - „Reliable in Business”, which testifies to our reliability and timeliness. In 2015, during REMADAYS - the largest trade show for advertising industry in Central Europe, our customers awarded us with an honorable mention in the Crown of Advertising Contest (Korony Reklamy).